Mission Statement

We strive to maintain a drama free environment where our members come first. Guild activities and loot will always come second to people.

General Policy

General Rules
  1. Our primary and most important rule is to simply abide by our mission statement. Always strive to maintain the drama free environment we’ve worked to create for everyone. In The Dark Knights we define drama as disrupting the day to day guild activities or contributing to an environment that negatively impacts your fellow guild mates. Violating this rule may result in termination of guild membership.
  2. Be willing to assist your fellow guild mates. The idea behind a guild is a community where we all band together for a common interest. If you can’t take time to help others, why should we take the time to help you?

Raid and Loot Regulations
Farmed Content - (e.g. Vault of Archavon, Naxxramas and Eye of Eternity)
  1. For farmed content we do our best to run a people first raid. We are perfectly content bringing our lower geared player base to fights that we currently have on farm status. The general rule is we will bring the bare minimum of resources to get the job done.
  2. At times you may be asked to step out for the betterment of the raid. Certain bosses require classes that may not be in the raid, so at times we will have to ask someone who is in the raid to step out for someone that is required to get the job done.
  3. Seeing that the farmed content is fairly easy, the environment will be very relaxed in all aspects of the raid. The loot system we will use will be a roll based system, that MAY occasionally be overruled by a loot council. (e.g. a certain item is needed for progression in another instance.) (Note: For the most part the roll based system will be used at all times, it is very rare that a loot council decision would ever be made.)
Progression - (e.g. Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader)
  1. For progression based content, we are forced to choose the players who are best suited for the job. This means that the players with the best skills and gear will be the first choice. (Note: If you didn’t get to go the first few times, does not mean you will be left out forever. Eventually everything becomes farmed content.)
  2. The loot system will be a roll based system, except for situations where the item would clearly be used by one player over another for the betterment of the guild’s progression. In the event that there are disagreements over an item the loot council may also render a decision.

Guild Ranks
Trial: New members of the guild. A self explanatory rank, trials are the newest members into the guild who have not yet proven themselves to become a Legionnaire. This is your shot into the guild. There is no set amount of time a guild member may spend here; rather promotion is based on personality and involvement.

Panda: Typically a rank designated for alts. All members who have this rank should have their main’s name in their Guild note. Mains typically will be promoted immediately from Panda to Legionnaire upon meeting the requirements for Legionnaire.

Feral Panda: This is a rank that is reserved for the less played alts of officers. This is mostly a housekeeping rank, to prevent all the clutter at the top of the guild roster. All Officers will be entitled to have their main classified as a Dark Lord and their two most played alts will receive the rank of Centurion. Retired Officers will have their old main permanently placed as a Centurion and all other alts will assume the rank of Feral Panda.

Legionnaire: The vast majority of guild members who complete the trial rank are Legionnaires. Primarily, Legionnaires are people we consider to embody the standards of our mission statement, and members who are concerned with the betterment of The Dark Knights as a whole. Secondarily, Legionnaires should always be willing to assist their fellow guild mates, and be open to constructive criticism for issues ranging from play style and gearing improvements, to guild contribution, to player interaction; e.g. we’ve lost count of the number of times a Legionnaire has dropped 50g to respec their character for the benefit of the guild during a guild activity, or given his/her raid slot to a better geared member so the raid could down a difficult boss. This is what we expect of Legionnaires. Finally, Legionnaires are also eligible for Knighthood.

Dark Knight: Our namesake; these guild members are the cream of the crop. These are members who have been with the guild for months or years, and strive for excellence in both playstyle and guild contribution. The Dark Knight is knowledgeable of guild policies, his/her class mechanics, raiding times, game resources, etc. If you ever are in doubt of a class or guild issue, we encourage you to contact a Dark Knight. A Dark Knight will either know the answer or how to find the answer.

Centurion: Members who have shown all the qualities of a Dark Knight first and foremost, yet who are not currently active raiders. These members have been active Officers at one point, and are still considered Officers. All retired officers will be listed in the Library section of the site. This rank is also reserved for a Dark Lord’s alt.

Dark Lord: Officer rank. A member who has shown the qualities of a Dark Knight first and foremost, and is an active raider. Dark Lords have an active hand in all aspects of The Dark Knights, including but not limited to raid construction, member promotion, and overall guild policy.

Overlord: Guild Master. Cloude can be found either on Cloude, Keille, Draegor, or Gallan.


         Recruiting new members is vital to our success as a guild. We do not recruit through the normal channels, (e.g. Realm Forums) instead we choose to take a more personal approach to finding our members. Often many of our “recruits” are the friends and family of other members or just a random PuG we met on an instance run. If you encounter someone you feel would be welcomed to the guild please contact a member that is a Dark Knight or above.

Hints and Tips

  • Advancement: Advancing through the ranks is pretty simple. If you follow the rules there will be no problem advancing from trial to legionnaire. To advance beyond that you must go over and above to help better the guild and yourself.

  • Flexibility: There may be times where an officer asks you to step out, change your spec, or bring a different character to a raid. Doing this not only will allow the guild to progress farther but you will gain the respect of your fellow guild members and the officers. Remember what you put into the guild is more than likely what you will get out.

  • Don’t Beg: Nothing is more annoying that asking for the same thing over and over again. Often it may turn people off from helping all together. If there are no responses after a couple attempts try whispering someone. Remember that sometimes people cannot help, just try again another time.

  • Guild Bank: It is important that our guild bank stays stocked with supplies and useful items. Don’t be afraid to ask for something from the bank. If you need something just ask an officer and they will normally get it for you. But do not abuse the privilege, if you take something out try to replace it or donate something else to the bank of equal or better value.