Clan Members
        Welcome to the members section of the guild. Here you will find the current members that have attained the rank of Dark Knight or above. If your name is not here and you would like it to be then please go take a look at the rules page to see how you can attain the rank of Dark Knight. Additional information can be found following the guild roster.

Member Class Level
Cloude Paladin Level 80
Keille Warlock Level 80
Cloude's Alt.
Curaides Death Knight Level 80
Cloude's Alt.
Mideel Mage Level 80
Midvane Shaman Level 80
Mideel's Alt.
Xerrow FAIL Rouge Level 80
Zevex Shaman Level 80
Xerrow's Alt.
Facerolltank Death Knight Level 80
Stam Hunter Level 80
Facerolltank's Alt.
Wlds Hunter Level 80
Watt Hunter Level 71
Wlds' Alt.
Shotput Warrior Level 68
Wlds' Alt.
Belloros Paladin Level 80
Scollslayer Rogue Level 80
Belloros' Alt.
Thallas Mage Level 80
Belloros' Alt.
Celifax Druid Level 80
Araben Priest Level 80
Celifax's Alt.
Blazenstar Hunter Level 73
Celifax's Alt.
Medruid Druid Level 80
Notsoevil Warlock Level 74
Medruid's Alt.
Shingi Mage Level 70
Yudi Rogue Level 70
Shingi's Alt.
Accolon Death Knight Level 80
Belbe Priest Level 80
Deucedface Paladin Level 80
Huntosupremo Hunter Level 80
Licont Warlock Level 80
Melchiz Priest Level 80
Snoekitty Rogue Level 80
Supercharged Death Knight Level 80
Tammerson Shaman Level 80
Zawisza Death Knight Level 80
Zhenzhen Druid Level 80

Additional Information

Dark Lord
Dark Knight
Some quick notes about updates and features:
  • Updates will occur once per week.
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  • Only officers will have their alts displayed.
  • In the future Legionnaires may be added to the roster.